Swedish Meatballs Smothered in Sour Cream Gravy

We won’t deny this recipe for Swedish meatballs smothered in sour cream gravy is a lot of work. This recipe takes time and effort, so if you’re looking for quick and easy, don’t look here. But if you want an “out-of-the-ballpark” blue ribbon recipe, check this out.

We feel we should give all types of classic and down home recipes on this site. Hopefully, they’ll be a lot of variety to suit every type of cook. There are many quick and easy recipes for Swedish meatballs on the ‘Net. Many of them range from so-so to pretty good.┬áBut if you want a 5 star recipe, you have to put in 5 star effort and that’s what this recipe is all about. Keep on reading to see what we’re talking about.

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