Old-Fashioned Chewy Molasses Hermit Bars

Hermit bars are a raisin and spice cookie that is irresistibly moist and chewy and improves in flavor as it keeps. Recipes for hermits first appeared in cookbooks published in New England in the 1800’s. Hermits are also said to have been a popular item on merchant ships sailing out of Cape Cod in pursuit of the world spice trade because of their superior keeping quality.┬áDense and moist, hermits age very well and were given to sailors in tins to last on long expeditions.

These old-fashioned chewy molasses hermit bars keep amazingly well, up to a month if you can keep them that long; freeze just fine, and ship beautifully. These are the perfect treat to ship to someone in the military. Just be sure to put a note in and tell them to hide them if they are to last more than one day!

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